Terms of Service

Cece’s Cake Shop is an in-home licensed bakery, with orders taken via social media, email, through our website, or over the phone/through text.  We specialize in custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and vegan desserts, with all items made within 24 hours of the delivery time.  Our goal is to remain completely virtual, and soon offer a delivery service option, where you will be able to place simple orders online & have them delivered same-day. 

General Note: We generally do not cover cakes in fondant, but often include fondant decorations on buttercream cakes.  This allows for your event to be more cost effective, with a more satisfying overall flavor of your cake or cupcakes, and less overall waste.  As well, you may find that your order sometimes comes in a cardboard box rather than a professional box.  This also allows for less waste which benefits the planet, as well as being a more cost effective alternate.  This method does not apply for most cakes. 

Wedding Consultations: Virtual wedding cake consultations are now available!  Show pictures, share color schemes, and map out the perfect wedding cake, right in the comfort of your home!  After the initial consultation, you will also have the opportunity to schedule a cake tasting of up to 6 different cakes & fillings of your choice (all in cupcake form) for free!  Please visit our appointment page to schedule your initial consultation, or call/text/send a message for more information! 

Deposits & Payments: a non-refundable deposit of 20% is required for any order priced at or over $75.  Deposits & Final Payments can be made through PayPal, Facebook Pay, Venmo, Cash App, check, or cash direct. Once the deposit is secured if applicable, final payments can be made up to and/or on the day of the event. Please send a message to receive more information about our available payment options.  If paying by check, please make check out to Cece’s Cake Shop, LLC. 

Delivery: Deliveries in and up to 20 miles out of Harrisburg will incur a $3 delivery fee.  Beyond the greater Harrisburg radius will incur an additional fee of $2 per mile. 

Allergens: When placing orders, please be mindful of potential allergens, as all desserts are manufactured in close proximity of one another.  Please make us aware if extra precaution is needed in the midst of potential allergens for your order. 

Designs: We strive to create a cake that is as delicious as it looks! There are some occasions where you may have a predetermined preference on your cake design, and may also have a photo to support your idea. This is perfect! That being said, there may be some occasions where the final product does not look 100% like the predetermined image. There are a few factors as to why this could be the case, primarily:

-If a specific product used in the photo was not able to be found to use at the time the order is finished, an adjustment may be needed.

-In an effort to be as close as possible to any custom colors outlined in your order, there may be a slight color variation differential.

-All baked goods and designs are at the sole, final discretion of the artist. This means that while the intention will be to get as close as possible to the idea or image, it is possible that you may notice a difference in your final product simply due to a separate skillset, separate recipe, and/or a separate interpretation of the design taking place.

As a result, we cannot guarantee baked goods and designs will equal 100% of the predetermined idea or image. However, the goal is to get as close as possible!

Dissatisfactions and Cancellations: If at all dissatisfied with order once received on the specified date, grievance refunds will be determined on a case-by-case basis, with consideration to the issue, as well as the level to which the issue was substantiated.  However, the cost of materials will not be returned.  As a result, 100% refunds will not apply under any circumstance.  This application will also take place regarding cancellations, with consideration towards the reason for cancelation as well as duration of time prior to original due date cancelation was submitted.  All cancelations will not be responsible for 100% of the total charge, however if cancelation takes place within 24 hours of due date, a cancelation fee of $10 plus the cost of all ingredients/materials necessary for the canceled order will still apply.   Cancelations at 2 days or greater will not incur this charge unless products were custom ordered to complete your design.   

No-Show: If order is not picked up at appointed time, order will be held for approximately 24 hours, and you will be contacted to verify if order still needed.  If no response received after 24 hrs, or if you verify order is no longer needed, order will be either donated or discarded.  This will also apply if upon delivery, there is no one present to receive the order, and separate arrangements have not been made.  You will be contacted, and order will be held for 24 hours. 

We look forward to providing you with an amazing product, and we believe you’ll agree that the flavor makes the difference, and freshness is our specialty.  If you have any questions, feel free to call, click, or text at any time.  Thank you for taking the time to review!