About Cece’s

What is Cece’s Cake Shop?

Cece’s Cake Shop is a licensed, in-home cake shop, owned and operated by Cecilia Davis.  Cecilia is a Certified Pastry Chef through the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, and has assisted in cake designing positions at the The Pennsylvania Bakery, as well as the Walmart Bakery.  She has worked alongside bakers via an internship on behalf of C&J Catering, and made the decision to take her career to the next level by working for herself, establishing an LLC. in May of 2020. With an approved state certification for her in-home kitchen to be considered a Limited Food Establishment as of December 2020, Cece’s Cake Shop now strives to be a top competitor in the cake and delivery space.

The secret ingredient is love. Each dessert is baked fresh to order, with every flavor profile taken into consideration to equal a dessert you’re sure to love. Your finished sweets may also be featured on one of 3 social media pages.  & when you get a chance to take a bite, you’ll see what truly makes the difference! 

A note from the owner: “I’m excited you’re here!  I put the utmost effort into everything I create, and I look forward to sharing those results with you.  Honesty, communication, and integrity, they are words I live by daily, and when it comes to my work, it shows.”